About Teachers for Africa Foundation

We are “Stichting Docenten voor Afrika”, or in other words, Teachers for Africa Foundation. Our foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 2009, dedicated to realizing better education opportunities for children in South-Africa. We do this through supporting and setting up a number of small-scale projects at underprivileged schools. Our projects are immediately adjacent to the Kruger National Park in the province of Limpopo.

The underprivileged schools (?no-fee schools?) may be accessible free of charge, but to their own dismay they often have little? to offer their students. Over-crowded classrooms, no real distinction in the level of children within classes, little time for personal attention and few extracurricular activities such as gymnastics, crafts or music lessons. Whereas, especially for these students who grow up in poverty and violence, education is the best chance for having a better future.

Teachers for Africa Foundation supports our South-African partner schools among other things, with sponsoring school and sports equipment. We support our projects by jointly setting up learning centres and through helping with sports and therapy lessons. Besides that we support by awarding scholarship grants to graduating Secondairy School students and by exchanging specific know-how that our partner schools may need.

The education & sports projects are directly sponsored and evaluated by our organisation.? Therefore we are directly involved in the progress and sustainability of the projects. Please help us to be able to keep making a difference in the lives of children in South-Africa through good education!