Project Description

High School Project


We have also created a work experience place at the LSC. Here a dedicated former student can obtain some work experience. We have noticed that schools like to give former students such an opportunity and that the former student gets great satisfaction from being able to obtain experience in a familiar environment. In Cape Town this has already proven successful, as our colleague over there has been able to obtain a better job through her workexperience at the LSC.

Nature education

Our local coordinator launched a nature education programme in 2015, in association with the Lebeko High staff. It is extremely important for youngsters who live near Kruger Park to have knowledge of the nature surrounding them. They benefit from this knowledge because the surrounding generates a lot of employment as a result of nature preservation and tourism, but also because they can use this knowledge to appreciate and respect nature. Nature at Kruger Park is vulnerable and it is important for young people to realize that, even if they do not want a career as a ranger or an observer.

School materials

With school materials we tend to think of books, pens and notebooks, but we go beyond that. The Learner Support Centre is a good example of school materials one does not immediately think of. Apart from books, computers and calculators, you also find tables, chairs, bookcases and other furniture to take care of, so that youngsters can focus on their school achievements in a safe place, as comfortably as possible.


Providing access to further education for a number of promising high school students by means of setting up and managing a scholarship fund of our own. There is much to be done in advance before we decide together with our local coordinator and the respective High School to offer a specific talented graduation student a scholarship grant. The student has already been monitored and coached for a couple of years and our Learner Support Centre is an important ?education tool? in follow-up system and selection process. For quite some time in the past few years we have been able to offer such a scholarship to a number of strong graduation students, and successfully so. Meanwhile the first student is almost graduating from University and there are other former students from our partner schools who are also being helped in this important way to become successful.