The Education Day: An example of Teachers for Africa’s commitment to the educational development of South Africa.

As an intern specialised in education, I have had the chance to spend six weeks in Phalaborwa. During this time, I have witnessed on a daily basis the great benefits Teachers for Africa brings to the province of Limpopo. Among them is the Education Day, which I would like to further discuss.

By focusing on sharing knowledge and promoting education, the Education Day brings together teachers, interns, volunteers and students together for an innovative and dynamic day once every six months. This initiative by TfA goes along with the organisation’s primary mission to foster the development of sustainable educative programs in South Africa and shows its willingness to share tools for the development of local communities.

One of the key elements of the Education Day’s success relies on its rich learning opportunities for both local actors and students. For the teachers, activities take place during the entire day throughout interactive workshops that cover a great range of topics. Every volunteer, intern and teacher of the region is welcome to share ideas related to the improvement of education in local schools. These workshops also cover specific topics related to teaching, like communication, and offer practical tools to help increase each and everyone’s ability to deliver a high quality of teaching.

On the students’ side, the activities that are offered encourage them to share creative ideas and highlight the importance of education. The activities offered on this special day also seek to highlight future career and educative opportunities for the students and foster the development of their local communities. The improvement of South Africa’s educational programs is a continuous process and, from a Teachers for Africa intern’s perspective, the Education Day is an initiative that shows the great potential of cooperation between a large diversity of actors to achieve South Africa’s goals in terms of education.