Teachers for Africa Foundation needs your support

How nice of you to think of becoming a sponsor or partner! We can use your help very well. Do you already have a particular project in mind or would you rather sponsor our organization as a whole? We can use your support very well for the continuity of our projects as well as the substantiation of our organization. Only with a solid organization can our projects be launched, developed, controlled and successfully completed. Our projects badly need your (structural) support!

How to support Teachers for Africa foundation:

  • One-time gift

  • Periodic donation

  • Pour-over will

  • Our banking details

    Dutch account: Rabobank (BIC: RABONL2U) – NL06 RABO 0111 6549 98 in the name of Stichting Docenten voor Afrika

    South African account: FNB (SWIFT: FIRNZAJJ), branch code Hout Bay – 62441566348 in the name of Teachers for Africa Foundation

  • Our Dutch fiscal code:


  • We are a Public Benefit Organization

    Our non-profit organization is registered under the Dutch Tax Administration number 34331089. We also have the official ANBI status, which proves we are an official Public Benefit Organization, our efforts are therefore only focused on the general good and we comply with all the integrity requirements as stated by law.