Teachers for Africa Foundation needs your support

How nice of you to think of becoming a sponsor or partner! We can use your help very well. Do you already have a particular project in mind or would you rather sponsor our organization as a whole? We can use your support very well for the continuity of our projects as well as the substantiation of our organization. Only with a solid organization can our projects be launched, developed, controlled and successfully completed. Our projects badly need your (structural) support!

In order to continue our projects, we need structural money. This money is spent on the projects in South Africa and on the local coordination of those projects. As a donor, it is possible to choose a specific project so that the donation is only used for that purpose. Of course it is also possible and more than welcome to sponsor our foundation as a whole. A complete overview of our finances can be found in our annual accounts.

Foundation Teachers for Africa is designated as an ANBI institution at the Tax Authorities, a gift is therefore tax deductible. The advantage of donating to ANBI foundations is that the gift can be deducted in full or in part from the taxable income. The Tax and Customs Administration therefore pays for the gift.

All projects are sponsor projects, because we sponsor knowledge or materials for all our partnerships with the local population. Our mission is to provide the youth of South Africa with inspiring and qualitatively better education. Supporting our local partners in this is what Teachers for Africa has set for itself for years. Will you help us along?

How to support Teachers for Africa foundation:

  • One-time gift

  • Periodic donation

  • Pour-over will

  • Our banking details

    Dutch account: Rabobank (BIC: RABONL2U) – NL06 RABO 0111 6549 98 in the name of Stichting Docenten voor Afrika

    South African account: FNB (SWIFT: FIRNZAJJ), branch code Hout Bay – 62441566348 in the name of Teachers for Africa Foundation

  • Our Dutch fiscal code:


  • We are a Public Benefit Organization

    Our non-profit organization is registered under the Dutch Tax Administration number 34331089. We also have an official ANBI status, which proves we are a Public Benefit Organization, our efforts are therefore only focused on the general good and we comply with all the integrity requirements.

Special need projects Phalaborwa 8.000,- 25%