My Name is Thabane Mark Matyityilili.?Born in Western Cape, Cape Town. I am turning 23 years of age this year. I have 5 siblings and 3 niece’s. I still have both parents, but have pensioned and located in the Eastern Cape. I attended Primary school at Oranjekloof Morvian and high school at Hout Bay High in Hout Bay. When growing up I was living in a township called IY.


IY stands for?Imizamo Yethu, literally mean Our Struggles. The land had been given to our parents after they had been moved away from the squatta camps in Hangburg. And they arrived in the land occupied by trees and no roads. Our parents named it then Imizamo Yethu when they established the area and started to build shack houses and make it a location to live their families. Growing up, yes we were not much fortunate with much resources. In our culture we understand each other very much, because we all in one community and less fortunate to prosperous life. That’s what makes us United and speak the same language. One may be in need we always there to help e.g. ones needs sugar we are able to share to close the gap to him/her. IY to me is a place hopeful, multi talented people. We never look at the circumstance of poverty but willing to live a life that shines towards each other at most times. We know IY is surrounded by beautiful and multi million houses owned. We do dream of them as well. Education has played much role mostly to us as youth to be dedicated into and see ourslef prosperous one day and hopefully buy those houses and cars we dream of.
I graduated from high school in 2015, and I had alot to think about as my career path, but I chosed Theology as my first choice. Because I felt the calling to work among the people. Definitely Theology fitted my goal and purpose of what God has assigned me to do. The calling I am strongly firmed with is Mission and Teaching. In 2016 i went to Tertiary at Union Bible Institute in Pietermaritzburg. During my three years at the College it has been a transformational life for me. Because i have developed more interest into knowing about the studies and devoted myself fully into the studies. In 2018 i completed my Diploma in Theology. With so much love with the studies, i am currently doing honours in Theology at Baptist Theological Serminary of Southern Africa in Johannesburg. Then after i will do PGCE, one year course in Teaching. No one in my family has farther his/her education, I am the first graduate of the family. Passion, persistence and endurance have driven me to where I am today. Poverty has taught me to be hungry for success in my life. To be where I am today, it was through Teachers For Africa Sponsor’s. I met the people of Teachers for Africa Foundation when I was a young student at the Primary School and the contact between them and me stayed throughout my young life. My words cannot express how thankful I am to God for them.